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Hi. My name is David Bunce

I am a British pastor living and working in Austria. I pastor a church in Bad Ischl, the Salzkammergut, and lead Austrian Baptist Aid's Youth and Children Work (KJW). I am also an MRes student at the University of Wales Trinity St David researching Karl Barth's early theology. More about me

Here is where I publish random scribblings about academic theology, church & youth work, and pastoral theology around issues of mental and emotional health. It is also where I track what I am reading (by far the most frequently updated page on the website).

Recent posts

My favourite books of 2021

This year has been a strange one for reading: lockdowns, a few longer hospital stays, moving across the country and the stress of a new job ate significantly into reading time. However, as the year draws to a close and I look back on what I’ve been reading, here are some of my highlights from 2021. My criteria are a highly complex (read: completely arbitrary), so there’s some books I have here because they have meant a lot to me, and others that have made it onto the list because they are objectively great.

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Guest appearance on the 'Jenni Talks' podcast

I was honoured to appear on the Jenni Talks podcast, a UK-based podcast from Jenni Osborn talking about youth work and youth ministry. We talked about volunteer recruitment, church-based youth work, change-management and the spirituality of children. Hear the episode here

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A Couple of Thoughts on reading Tietz's Karl Barth biography

I’ve just finished reading Christiane Tietz’s biography of Karl Barth Karl Barth: Ein Leben im Widerspruch (English: Karl Barth: A Life in Conflict). I think the critical acclaim surrounding this book is justified - Tietz handles her material confidently, she deftly weaves source work into her narrative, and she strikes the right balance between affection for her subject and critical distance. I wanted to note a couple of things that struck me whilst reading this biography, in no particular order.

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A theology of naming in Genesis 2 and 3 - thinking with John Swinton

It was with much anticipation that I this week began to read John Swinton’s Finding Jesus in the Storm: The Spiritual Lives of Christians with Mental Health Challenges. I have long appreciated Swinton’s work and have been looking forward to him turning his creative and pastoral mind to the issue of mental health challenges.

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Paper Theology Live 2019: The theological virtue of patience in church life

On 10th January 2019, I was pleased to be able to give a paper at the Theology Live conference in Bloomsbury Baptist Church 2019. My paper focused on the theological virtue of patience in church life and drew on experiences from the Austrian Baptist Union.

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